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Corporate Governance

What is Corporate Governance?
Corporate governance is the way in which companies direct and control operations, culture, and communication. This manifests itself as a system of rules, practices, and processes that are managed by Boards of Directors. Their goal is to balance the interests of an organization’s various stakeholders, ranging from employees to clients, and everything in between.

PetroGas Corporate Governance Policies
Here at PetroGas Piping, we take corporate governance and ethical standards extremely seriously. When it comes to our business, we adhere to


Our goal is to promote a culture of excellence, based on a foundation of sound business ethics, keeping in mind the long-term interest of our stakeholders. Due to our corporate governance initiatives, our teams are stronger, managers are wiser, and executives are more transparent. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’re partnering with an organization that consistently and effectively

  • Builds trust with employees, clients, and suppliers
  • Complies with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Takes environmental factors into account when making business decisions
  • Involves the local communities where we operate
  • Updates and maintains comprehensive policies and procedures available for distribution to employees
  • Measures employee and client satisfaction through routine appraisals, surveys, and feedback sessions

Why Does Corporate Governance Matter?
When it comes to large-scale distribution and manufacturing projects like the ones our teams at PetroGas Piping support, you want to be confident that you’re working with an ethical and properly-managed organization. Because we take corporate governance seriously and value the opinions of all our stakeholders, you’ll have ample opportunities to provide us with actionable feedback throughout the duration of partnering with us.

If you’re interested in starting a fruitful, ethical, and dynamic partnership with us, contact a member of our team by clicking here or filling out the contact form below.