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What We Do

As a premier supplier, we distribute the following products – in all steels and special alloys – worldwide:

Depending on your business’ unique needs, we can offer end-to-end complete piping product, services, and solution packages custom-tailored to address your project goals and requirements. Every team member takes individual ownership and responsibility for projects, always putting our clients and their timelines first. No project is too large for our teams to handle, and we always deliver high-quality work, even under tight deadlines.

Learn more about our services and how we distribute our industry-leading products and services. 

We’re PetroGas Piping, a global leader in sustainable piping solutions. We provide world-class piping products and services to our clients around the globe. By offering the most reliable and consistent materials management experience available in the industry, our clients can rest assured they’re in good hands with their piping projects. Our teams of highly-trained and experienced piping professionals deliver top-notch project supply management, consulting, and turnkey services and solutions to our partners in industries such as:


Our supply portfolio spans across six continents with all the major EPC’s and users around the world, including the Americas, Australia, South East Asia, China, Middle East and Europe. To maximize efficiency, quality-assurance, and delivery speeds for our global client base, we have multiple warehouse locations including Jebel Ali, UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

Our operations and distributions centers are located in: 

Get in touch with one of our global offices. Our team members can’t wait to work with you. 



  • Increase in customer confidence
  • Single standard for all products sold
  • Lowered costs of products purchased
  • Enhancement in overall customer experience


  • Responsetimes have declined
  • One single platform for all employees uniform training
  • All data is in the ERP and easily accessible online


  • Liaising with various manufacturers globally increases our purchasing power, which results in lower procurement costs
  • Having an innovative culture has actively helped PetroGas develop and transfer technologies and bring new products to market
  • Creating innovations that give our clients products which make their projects more cost-effective and better is what creates a competitive advantage for PetroGas.


  • Using technology to improve productivity
  • More work done in less time – the very essence of increased productivity
  • Employee and Customer satisfaction has increased