Family-Owned Business

We have been in operation for over 40 years as a family-owned business with extensive experience and a prominent, positive reputation in the industry. Our executive team is heavily involved in project management, so our clients receive undivided and prompt attention for any and all needs. When you work with PetroGas Piping, it’s like working with your own family. 

Environmental Consciousness

PetroGas is working on going completely green in the near future, focusing on generating power through renewable means such as solar panels. Our goal is to be carbon neutral and zero emissions as soon as possible. Sustainability and environmental consciousness are at the forefront of strategic priorities and initiatives over the next decade.

We look forward to expanding our partnerships with other sustainability-focused organizations worldwide.

Specialized, Focused Core services

We do what we do best — exclusively specializing in distributing pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, gaskets, and stud bolts in all steels and special alloys to various industries globally. Our niche focus in sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing the highest quality piping materials makes us the best fit for your company’s next piping project. 

Quality Assurance and Control

No matter where you are or what your piping needs are, we work together to deliver exceptional contract performance. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we adhere to the latest quality standards with a core emphasis on customer needs and satisfaction. We are approved in all the oil majors, maintaining our position as a preferred choice by all the major EPCs and End Users worldwide with our supply portfolio spanning six continents.

Learn more about our quality assurance and control policies and procedures here

Dedicated Service Team

Our backbone is our human capital, featuring highly trained and experienced professionals and a forward-thinking management team. Every member of the PetroGas Piping team is dedicated to offering our clients the best possible service throughout the duration of our partnership. Communication is critical to partnership success, so our clients can feel confident that they will always have a way to contact our team and guarantee a swift, effective response.

Certified Great Place to Work®

We are a certified 2022 UAE Great Place to Work® and our teams are always striving to develop our company further. Among over 5,000 eligible companies, we’re incredibly proud that our team is one of the top-ranked businesses in a very competitive market. If you’re looking to work with a world-class organization with industry-leading company culture, get in touch with our amazing team today to discuss your project needs.