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30 March 2022


Diversity and inclusion are business essentials for any organization today. People from different backgrounds and cultures not only enable a more open environment but also enhance the skillset, process of ideation and bring about a balance of voice, which is much needed to run a successful organization. Already two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, women in the corporate world have become even more burned out. Despite this, the women workforce has really stepped up to support the goals of their organization, in bringing about the much-needed equality and diversity of thoughts in the meeting rooms, and in promoting overall employee well-being and inclusion efforts.

Even before the pandemic hit, women have time and again proved that they bring important gains not just in representation in senior leadership but also with their different set of skills, imaginative viewpoints, and, most importantly, cultural and structural differences that bring about effective solutions. They convey a creative perspective, unplug finer details without missing any finer information thereby instilling a new sense of awareness.

As the pandemic continues to take a toll, companies risk losing this creative workforce which is the need of the hour. The good news is that women themselves have come forward to support the overall wellbeing of the employee workforce, something that we at PetroGas Piping do recognize. Their leadership, initiative, and zeal to advance equity, diversity, and notably inclusion in the company are commendable and something we all take pride in.

In the PetroGas Piping management, we consider it as our responsibility to establish a connection between the organization and the employees. Whether it is by tracking the diversity metrics or rolling out programs that combat bias in hiring and performance reviews, thereby plugging any loopholes and addressing any underlying issues. Our organization is there to provide support to all the employees, irrespective of their backgrounds and has inclusive policies and resources such as parental leave, medical care, and any other service which can have a meaningful impact on the lives of women and the rest of the employees too.

The path forward is clear, to bolster the employee inclusivity through recognitions and rewards, especially for our women in the employee family. We value their insights, contribution, faith, and confidence in the organization and hope to create a constructive and progressive environment.

Simply put, organizations have a responsibility for creating better policies and opportunities for women- something we at PetroGas Piping take very seriously. We cherish our women workforce, their contribution, and hard work. As an organization that functions on principles of diversity and inclusivity, we aim to support our women employees at every step in their careers, enabling them to grow and overcome any unforeseen or procedural challenges.