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10 November 2022

PetroGas Piping Announces Vision 2025 Organizational Restructuring and Digital-First Transformation

Dubai, UAE / November 10, 2022: PetroGas Piping announces Vision 2025, a robust multi-year plan to reorganize and modernize its operating model, balancing near-term priorities while investing in future growth. The company plans to increase revenue, be more customer-focused, and invest in innovative digital technologies and sales channels.

In an effort to simplify internal operations, critical roles have been restructured. The goal is to flatten the organization, increase efficiencies, and improve communication across the company and different markets. A new digital-first mindset will see the company shift more to paperless and digital platforms.

To deliver on its promise of being a world-class company, PetroGas Piping is investing in its people. There will be more training and international exposure for employees. The company is also expanding its energy markets and services to include more renewable energy.

“We are excited about this new chapter for PetroGas Piping,” said Fuad Nazim, Executive Director at PetroGas Piping. “This is a necessary step to ensure that we remain a leading player in our industry. We are confident that this will allow us to better serve our customers and communities.”

Fuad continued, “It is essential that we make the necessary changes to our organization and operating model so that we can continue to serve our customers and communities well into the future. Our goal is to be a more agile, customer-centric, and technology-enabled company that can better meet the needs of our customers and partners.”

A board of directors has been formed to provide strategic oversight and guidance for PetroGas Piping’s digital-first transformation. The board is composed of representatives from PetroGas Piping’s leadership and other major shareholders. Other team members have been promoted and/or reassigned to new positions. A complete list of changes can be found below.

  • Shaun Blades – Vice President of Sales
  • Feroz Khan – Vice President of Procurement
  • Naveed Anjum – Vice President of Engineering
  • Asiya Kazi – Vice President of Human Resources
  • Ankit Shukla – Vice President of Supply Chain
  • Riyaz Khan – Vice President of Finance
  • Amol Mahajan – Vice President of Innovation & Technology
  • Mohammed Tabrez – Vice President of Networking & Infrastructure

To support the Vision 2025 initiative, the company will provide more training and development opportunities for its employees. This restructuring is effective immediately, and resulting organizational changes have been fully implemented.

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