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28 November 2021


Employees are the lifeline of any successful corporation. From front-line customer service to managing behind-the-scenes administrative work, our employees influence our business operations in a big way.

At PetroGas Piping we are more than just one of the largest bulk piping distributors globally, we are a family- the PetroGas Piping Family, who act together; and stimulate thinking and encourage industry creativity and innovation around the world.

As we progress into the new era, post-pandemic, we now seek fresh perspectives to meet the industry demands. New employees, onboard, will now not only bring in their skill set but also fresh ideas and approaches to our business model. Our hiring process embodies our ethos of a diverse and modern workforce.

We are excited to have Mohammed Fuzail Shabuddin, our new Sales Coordinator on board. He is a commerce graduate and brings years of experience in similar roles and his background in sales & purchase and familiarity with business development is an asset. A football lover, he will now score goals and quotas for PetroGas Piping’s partners and create sales opportunities.

We next have Bincy Varghese who has joined the organization as the Sales Coordinator. In her role, she will set goals and quotas for partners, create sales & purchase schedules, and maintain the product inventory. She has more than 8 years of experience in Sales & Purchase and in past has worked in heavy equipment sales & services industry and glass wool industry.

While sales coordinators maintain the seamless flow of overall sales operations, an organization especially in the PVF and other equipment industries requires a set of people who work closely with vendors, maintaining positive relationships while negotiating pricing, specifications, and deadlines. They are required to prioritize job duties and prepare cost analyses and competitive retail strategies.

Joining PetroGas Piping in this role are Hadeel Al-Ghamdi, based out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and Irina Matveenko in Dubai. Hadeel has previous experience in procurement and has been working in the purchasing department for the last few years in the industry. She is an upbeat, self-motivated team player. She loves traveling and exploring new places and cultures. In addition, her interests are fashion and water sports.

Irina comes with a very different experience. She has a background in arts and media and brings in a fresh perspective and approach to the purchase and procurement department. As an alumnus of the Academy of Culture- Russia, Irina has explored theatre, painting, and journalism (TV & radio) in university.

PetroGas Piping is also truly excited that Bhawana Pant has joined the team as Purchasing officer. She is responsible for expanding the market advantage by leveraging end-to-end management (from strategy to implementation) system. We believe her multiple years in the industry will enable her to add value to our business operations.

Undoubtedly, such periodic hiring of new talent is a great way to value-add to our existing and already very talented PetroGas Piping family members. With a series of new hires in the past few months, we are elated and look forward to more energetic and vibrant discussions in the meetings. The unique skills, fresh perspectives, and experience of all our employees, in the end, will further propel the company towards a more competitive trajectory; and help the organization step-up to meet the customer needs. In the end, it is your talent that is our engine.