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26 December 2021


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As we wrap up what has been a vastly challenging year for the people around the world, on behalf of the entire PetroGas Piping community, I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2022.

Earlier in October / November of 2021, the Delta strain of COVID-19 remained the dominant variant worldwide. Later, with a new Omicron variant having sprung up, the world governments and organizations came together to mitigate the impact and are now continuing to boost the mass vaccinations for their people. These times are a testament to the collaboration of policy makers, corporates, scientists, civil society, and educators across the world.

While the global health crisis continues to affect in different ways, impacting economies, local societies, and many individual lives- we have realized the power of community, with every member coming forward to contribute and mitigate the impacts in their unique way. While as an organization we aim to give as much as safe and comfortable environment to our employees and partners, it is also time to picture a new world with future of work scenarios and ways of working for the organization.

While the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges, it has also taught the organizations and its members some very crucial lessons. For example, there is a need to take care of your people to the best of the ability. There is a need to stay connected and it is equally important to maintain work-life balance. As an organisation who deal very closely with people, we take these lessons very seriously. We now aim to emerge stronger, more focused and better positioned in the global market and society. Simultaneously, we also aim to build trust in the work community and strategically deal with the ‘new normal’ of the global business environment.

With the new year 2022 on horizon, perhaps the most important thing is movement of people and business in a globalized world. Transparency and business accountability have then become indispensable assets, and as an organization we aim to provide an evolved experience to our stakeholders and partners. Having said that, we hope to bring into action something new, something big for our people, and ease out the business operations- making it seamless and very focused.

Never has it been more important to encourage concerted cooperation at all levels and seek solutions to the most pressing issues we face in the business negotiations. As one such platform, we are now ready to realign and provide our people better support and tools to navigate through the new year 2022.

We thank you for your continued support and contribution as the PetroGas Piping family and look forward to working with you all in the new year, rewriting the future with energy, vigour, and positivity. Together we are stronger and influential!

Happy New Year!
Warm Regards,