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1 August 2021


As per the 2021-2022 AAM Marketing Budget Benchmark Study, co-authored by the Association for Accounting Marketing and the Hinge Research Institute, Covid-19 has spurred innovation and growth for at least 45.3% firms globally. Some of the positives cited were adoption of flexible workplace model, enhanced employee- management relationship and a more pronounced and innovative business development- all of which reflect the vision and the mission of PetroGas Piping.

The coronavirus outbreak is a complex crisis composed of multiple trigger points—health, policy, and the economy- whose mitigation requires a strategic intervention backed by experience and expertise. Scenario planning then, something that PetroGas Piping took very seriously from the start, has paid-off in a big way; as the organization and the people have come back more resilient and agile than ever.

With the ‘Employee First’ policy at the core of its vision, we at PetroGas Piping have always valued our human resources. Prioritizing the health of our employees, we stepped up to the Covid-19 challenge and adapted our workplace and business to respond effectively. As of today, our entire workforce is 100% vaccinated and we continue to implement safe practices at the workplace. Our quick adaptability, innovative technology, customer-centric approach, and employee-first policy have not only enabled our business but more importantly, created a more resilient workforce. This has allowed us to protect and secure our workplace and simultaneously manage a wide spectrum of coronavirus impacts – on the environment, supply chains, and day-to-day activities.

Furthermore, in the last one year of the pandemic, PetroGas Piping has rapidly adapted business strategies to address both the challenges and the opportunities. A wide spread network across six continents, innovative technology and employee dedication have been instrumental in this business-model innovation and workplace evolution.

These last few months have ushered in the new ways of working, not just for our organization, but also for the entire industry. As an organization, we recognize this as an opportune moment for the end-industries such as hydrocarbons, water, power, oil and gas or utilities to scale-up and expand. As a global piping manufacturer, we at PetroGas Piping can support this industrial growth, leveraging our intelligent supply chain solutions, optimized location services and our in-depth market understanding. From start to finish- exploration, completion and production- we provide you best in class, service and quality products. Backed by the state-of-art technology, innovative capabilities of our professionals and our customer-centric approach, we are here as partners to enhance your standing in the market, which by the day grows more dynamic.

We have an extensive portfolio to fulfil your project needs, on time with high quality. Our extensive inventory combined with our logistical expertise is perfectly positioned to deliver critical materials at the most crucial hour. These pipelines and related products from Petrogas Piping will help pave the way for your optimal business growth and expansion, especially in this new pandemic era. So, come join hands and browse through our reliable products, services and management solutions.

Our partners, internal or external, are valued and ‘invested-in’ by us. Not-withstanding the Covid-19, we as an organization aim to foster and lead our stakeholders into the future by establishing appropriate end-goals- be it for the employees or the enterprises. Afterall, we are now stepping into the new normal, where a trusted partner is not just a value- addition but a valuable asset for industry and organizational growth.