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28 November 2021


“There’s two buttons I never like to hit: that’s panic and snooze.” -Ted Lasso (Appletv+ Series)

Employees are essential factors in any organization’s success. As a reputed organization, PetroGas Piping recognizes the value each employee brings to the table and cherishes their contribution as partners. This month as we celebrate our people, we put our Group Procurement Director- Shaun Blades in the spotlight.

Hailing from the UK, Shaun is not just a seasoned industry professional, but also is a health and fitness enthusiast who believes in working on oneself to bring the best to the organization. In fact, he is preparing to compete in Crossfit Egypt Finals!

With a career spanning over three decades, Shaun brings with him deep insights and technological knowledge about the bulk piping and fittings industry. He believes in learning something every now and then from everyone who inspires him. A self-motivated individual, he can be considered the daredevil of the PetroGas Piping family who loves challenges. Well, if you have Patagonia at the top of your travel bucket list, a destination with its craggy mountain peaks, untamed rivers, and wide unspoiled nature, which screams adventure, you definitely have to be an adventure buff!

Professionally we all know Shaun to be someone who understands the industry in and out and what do the end industries like onshore/ offshore Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, or Power Generation among others require. However, there is more to him.

His product knowledge and perception of what the client might need, make him a valuable asset to the organization. In his last couple of years with PGP, he has successfully established objectives, has been sustaining long-lasting business relationships with customers and suppliers, and aligning with different team members in audit and procurement departments among others to bring out the best.

While he will never miss an opportunity to drive down the sleek roads of Saudi Arabia or any other country, he can be found engrossed in a book or two now and then. The last book he read was Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Or you can catch him in front of the cinema/ TV screen, enjoying popcorn, while watching one of his all-time favorite movies- Captain Phillips. Much like the protagonist in the film, Shaun too navigates through the rough waters now and then in the industry, guiding his PGP team.

Much like his spirit animal, Leopard, Shaun brings strength, perception, and agility to PetroGas Piping as an organization. It is indeed true, that when you are at your finest, you are the best asset an organization can have.