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22 April 2022


The events of the past two years have been watershed for the global economy. They have prompted a complete reset in the ways we imagine a workplace and have led to massive reprioritization of employee lives, fuelling an epic turnaround in work-life balance, giving it a new meaning. Such complete turnaround has also led organizations to re-evaluate the employee- organization contracts, job profiles, ways of working and most importantly organization culture. In such light winning the Great Place to Work® certification for our UAE team is not just a testimony for PetroGas Piping’s commitment to a healthy employee culture but also reflects the inclusive leadership management practised here.

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on recognizing a healthy workplace culture, which takes into account employee experience, leadership behaviours, innovation, inclusivity, and overall employee retention. This prestigious award is solely based on what do our current employees say about their experience working for our organization; and this year, the PetroGas Piping survey respondents said the organization is a great place to work in UAE.

Great Place to Work Certification™ takes ongoing dedication and effort to create the employee experience. As the only official recognition for company culture, it is not easy to come by and it considers employees’ real-time reports of the company environment and work culture. Earning this prestigious award means that the PetroGas Piping Group is one of the best companies to work for in the country.

The employee survey respondents agreed that the PetroGas Piping provides a unique advantage and special benefits to the people- whether it is upon joining the organization, time-to-time celebrations or just a feel-good factor community event. Adding to this are employee schemes for a better financial and emotional heath apart from career advancement opportunities and engagement programs organized by the management and the team.

“Employee engagement is a top priority for PetroGas Piping, and we are thrilled to be Great Place to Work-Certified™,” said Nazim Mohammed, Founder & Chairman – PetroGas Piping Group. “It reflects our commitment to invest in building a great employee culture, providing inclusivity, rich benefits, and instilling a sense of purpose that entire PetroGas Piping community can embrace. This purpose has been our driving force, keeping us active in our pursuit to remain a Great Place to Work in the coming years too.”

As per the Great Place to Work research, individuals looking for a job are ‘4.5 times more likely to find a great boss at a Certified™ workplace. Workforces at Certified workplaces are also 93% more likely to look forward to coming to the office and are twice as likely to earn a reasonable share of the company’s profits and be paid fairly, apart from having a good chance at promotion’.

“Our PetroGas Piping family comes to work for more than just the monthly salary,” said Fuad Nazim, Vice President- Americas & APAC – PetroGas Piping Group. “They are here to make careers, learn advance skill sets, contribute in meaningful ways, and make an impact.”

The PetroGas Piping Group has reward programs and employee benefits which enable the employee family to train and perform better by the day. There are generous programs for health, finance, and overall training to provide a competitive industry platform to the employees, including the comprehensive health insurance, maternity, and paternity leaves. The organization is in a pursuit to provide all employees with an engaging and collaborative environment, ensuring a Great Place to Work win in the coming years too!