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26 December 2021


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney

Continuing with our Employee Spotlight series, this month we highlight an employee who believes in ‘actions speak louder than words.’ Focus, self-motivation, and dedication define him. We are talking about none other than Ankit Shukla!

We all know him as the very resourceful Operations Manager, who is brilliant at multi-tasking and is a seasoned industry specialist. However, his alter-ego is all about doing jungle safaris and spending time in nature- no wonder his favorite place on this planet is Maasai Mara forest in Kenya, apart from his home. He is fascinated by owls and oh, he has in fact held a cheetah, which he thinks is crazy… and we do too!

Or maybe he took his liking for Superman too far! However, work-wise we can safely call him the Superman of our PetroGas Piping family. He not only has in-depth knowledge but also has vast experience of around close to two decades and is hands-on with oil & gas, offshore, bulk piping industry. Adding to this is his background in finance, accounting, IT, and interest in supply chain and digital technology.

Many of you know him as the man behind the camera, taking some of the most candid shots and other times being focused on capturing the detailed aspects of the PetroGas Piping products. His passion for photography seeps seamlessly into his professional work- and we are not complaining… But this does not stop his inquisitiveness as he wants to pursue something in environment sustainability and digital technology.

His favorite comic character is Phantom, a legacy hero who completely resonates with Ankit’s alter -ego, coming from the jungles of fictional African country Bangalla. The reliability and the sense of accountability that he brings to the business are unsurpassable. Much like the protagonist of his favorite film The Bourne Ultimatum- Jason Bourne (or should we say David Webb)- Ankit can navigate through rough waters for the organization leveraging his talent and experience.

He is process-oriented and understands the piping industry in and out. His knowledge of the existing and emerging markets, the importance of upgraded infrastructure, continued investments and customer needs make him valuable to the organization. Ankit is driven and aims to bring the best to the table, making PetroGas Piping a valued partner to our customers; and we value Ankit as our PetroGas Piping family member and spotlight him for the month!