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22 April 2022


Inventory is one of the most important investments for any product-based business. Strong inventory control and management enable organizations to avoid the additional costs related to buying too much inventory or what is needed. While some partners leverage just-in-time ordering mechanisms while others work with a longer lead time. In both scenarios, PetroGas Piping has a very stocked inventory with a wide range of portfolios.

How Inventory Management Enables Business Partners?

Implementing proper inventory control procedures and overall management ensures a smooth-running business meeting the customer expectations and needs, along with optimal financial levels. As per a 2015 “Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report”, 62% of customers halted business partnerships with brands that had weak inventory and provided poor customer services. Of those customer service grievances, interruption and hindrance over out-of-stock or backordered items tops the list. In fact, the research also suggests that if convenience stores or product companies show out-of-stocks, results in loss of partners, sometimes to the tune of one in every 100 customers completely. Furthermore, good inventory practices and methods help address issues such as dead stock, excess storage costs, cost-efficiency, spoilage, decreased sales, excess & less stock, loss of loyal customers, or any kind of goods.

PetroGas Piping endeavours to Meet all Customer Requirements

At PetroGas Piping we choose effective and right methods for inventory control and developing, and manufacturing products aligned with policies and processes which assure quality and efficiency. While our broad range includes key products such as Duplex pipes and Stainless-Steel pipes (both available in welded and seamless formats); we have a fresh batch of Super Duplex UNS S32750 & DUPLEX UNS S31803 grades of pipes ready to be shipped from our warehouse.

These materials provide great resistance to corrosive environments. Primarily their utility lies in desalination plants, heat exchangers, marine processes, and chemical containers which can be further used in high-concentration chloride environments. Thus, these Super Duplex pipes are usually in high demand.

Given the continuous flow of bulk piping material from our inventory and warehouse facilities, we have fresh stocks available for all our bulk pipes as well as other piping solutions. When you have PetroGas Piping as a partner be rest assured for quick turn-around services. Additionally, we provide consultancy services and tailor-made solutions backed by our deep industry knowledge and expertise. As an organization, we cater to key utility industries and consider it our responsibility to deliver quality products on time to our partners.