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28 November 2021


Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together – James Cash Penney

PetroGas Piping has evolved itself into a strong, energetic, and forward-looking organization in the course of the last few decades. The company owes its indebtedness to its people and their constant support and hard work that has inspired a momentum, enabling us to reach heights hitherto unimagined. What we are at PetroGas Piping today is a result of thousands of hands working together to build this organization which in turn aspires to grow and develop the world by leveraging various end industries.

Time and again, we have been subjected to various tests- whether it was the pandemic or the recession- each time we have risen like a phoenix and emerged even stronger. This is all because of our people, who so diligently have been working across departments to provide a seamless and smooth end-to-end service to our industry partners.

Our fundamentals are so strong that even when the world was hit by the pandemic, we successfully sailed through maintaining our business stability. This entailed wisely securing raw materials, concentrating on research in technological development, complying with policies, factoring in sustainability, and locking in capital supplies.

This was not possible without our PetroGas Piping family, which with time is only set to get larger. Even during the pandemic, we have hired new talent in order to evolve and cater to the ever-changing needs of our clients worldwide. Here, one of the most important aspects is ensuring diversity, without which, it becomes difficult to initiate a new project or take the firm to the next level. Diversity is equally critical for organizations to survive and therefore as an inclusive organization we have been recruiting and promoting people across the regions.

While employee workforce is extremely important, we also believe that providing the workforce the right conducive environment to perform is equally important; and as a responsible organization, we take it as a serious task to create that environment for all our employees.

Our vision is to achieve sustainable growth complemented by the growth of our employees. Our diverse businesses ultimately rely on you- the sole custodians of the trust of our clients and all stakeholders. We recognize that raising our corporate value and ensuring sustainable growth of our employees as a whole are closely linked together.

At this exciting hour, when we are on the threshold of a new era for PetroGas Piping, I would like to thank all our employees, stakeholders for their continued co-operation; and take this opportunity to welcome our new employee-partners with whom we will usher in a new era of the organization. With all the commitment to hard work, craving for innovation, and a determination to be the best, the future belongs to the PetroGas Piping family.

Have a wonderful month!