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25 October 2021


Dear Colleagues – A very warm, healthy, and blessed day to all.

We are living in times where work and personal life overlap in ways that challenge the overall wellbeing of people. The post-pandemic era, where while we have vaccines, still there is a significant threat to the workforce, businesses, and the overall industrial landscape. This demands for a more concerted and joint effort from the entire team then, to work unitedly towards the vision and mission of the organization.

Today, we stand at the dawn of a new world where the global economy is not the only determinant, but is overpowered by employee wellbeing, health, and especially mental health. Understandably, there is a great sense of uneasiness everywhere. Many organizations are now strategizing ways of working in this new era, where we risk cancellations in business tradeshows and health breakdowns. We now need to work out impactful business measures and at the same time ensure safety of people too.

It is in this milieu that I would like to address you. First and foremost, we would like to thank you for all that you do and have done to weather this crisis and to prepare and support our organization to cope up. Your commitment to excellence is our oxygen and makes all the difference.

Next, we want to assure you that as a company we are committed to delivering quality to our customers. Our products, though not directly, but they do cater to the needs of the global community. Whether it is in transferring oil and gas, water, or any other utility-based essential, we by leveraging our bulk piping solutions are here to make lives better for everyone. We take it as our special responsibility and understand that our values and purpose are critical to the people and communities we serve.

In all modesty, we want PetroGas Piping values to shine in such uncertain times. Although a moment of extra effort, we fully recognize your contribution and we do recognize the fact that in the last two years, it has been tough to manage both personal and work situations. And yet your efforts have helped us go that extra mile, making a huge difference to our organization and society.

We would like to recognize in particular our frontline employees and warehouse workers – whose commitment and discipline are infectious and inspiring for all of us. Therefore, at every step, we have made it our priority to support you.

As the world celebrated mental health day earlier this month, I believe it was time for some retrospection with respect to employee wellbeing, which lies at the focal centre of all our decisions. As we continue to live in this perplexing time period, it is necessary for organizations to prioritize their goals, which is a threefold path for our organization. Employee welfare comes first, second comes business continuity to secure supplies, manufacturing, and logistics at every step; and the third is to provide a helping hand to communities and business partners around the globe.

In the end, I will say we are a family company and are here to help and support our employees and business partners as much as we can. I am proud of the way the PetroGas Piping family has risen to the challenges in last the two years. We saw adaptability, courage, resilience, and a kind heart and we thank you all for such an invaluable contribution. As we enter a new era, post-pandemic, let us work together – across all parts of the business – to keep going and make this our finest hour.

Please, do look after yourselves and stay safe.

Thank you.