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30 March 2022


Dear Team,

The entire employee family of PetroGas Piping has become an integral part over the last few decades. With offices the world over, we have steadily strived to become a powerful brand in the industry that truly represents the aspirations and ambitions of the people and society. Proposing new ideas, incorporating new values, and moving ahead with confidence- all of which is truly more critical than ever before, given the double whammy posed by the global situation and the pandemic.

Keeping our focus on sustainable growth even during these unprecedented times then is indeed challenging but not impossible. PetroGas Piping too is steadily working towards realizing the goals set at the beginning of this year, improving business performance, completing organizational reforms, and pursuing an inclusive human resource policy.

From the beginning, we have focused on the human development aspect. The overall growth and rise of our employee family have been at the center of our decisions. Maintaining diversity and inclusivity, we have taken efforts in expanding upon our cause of having more women in our industry, which otherwise for long was in bounds for them.

While efforts are being made to catalyze major change in society, we are now looking for cutting-edge interventions such as complete digital transformation to take forward the cause of our inclusive workforce; and what better time than the month dedicated to women globally!

During the pandemic too, women stepped up to the challenge of managing and balancing their work and home effectively, becoming an inspiration for many of our industry colleagues here. Today women stand neck-to-neck in delivering quality and meeting the targets of the organization.

We celebrated International Women’s Day recently, a day when we recognized the vital roles played by the women at PetroGas Piping and their contributions to our overall achievement. Women of PetroGas Piping and the employees of the PetroGas Piping group are the driving force of our organization.

“Diversity & Inclusion” is the foundation of our organization’s value creation, enabling PetroGas Piping to evolve as a force to reckon with in the bulk piping industry. We have built a corporate culture that finds strength in the inclusivity and diversity of both our employees and our business projects. We embrace this diversity and will continue to provide an environment where we work together to further the cause which strengthens the social fabric, namely gender equality, both inside and outside the organization.

A key component of PetroGas Piping’s business philosophy is that our future prosperity is directly linked to the prosperity of our employees, women, and men. PetroGas Piping will continue in this pursuit and continue to address all issues arising in the future faced by the women and all employees and contribute to the realization of a more sustainable society.

Warm Regards,