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30 January 2022


We hope you celebrated the beginning of 2022 in good health and happy spirits. As we have entered the new year, we are sure to be in a good company in wishing nothing but success and wellbeing over the next twelve months.

The year 2022 indeed has started on a great note as PetroGas Piping has been recognized Great Place to Work in the UAE. Being #GPTWcertified is a significant milestone for the organization as it highlights the importance we give to our people and their development. It also reflects the drive our employee family has towards making our goals a reality. Usually, it’s a common exercise in some parts of the world to set new year resolutions as a way to establish personal and professional guideposts in the coming year. We do this at PetroGas Piping too in the form of goal setting. What are our targets for the business? What are our personal and professional development goals?

All of these things are crucial as we, as an organization, are standing at the new horizon with 2022 being a critical year. While we are engaged in organizing and planning, it can be a challenge to plan for the future in retrospect with all that has been happened around us in the last few years.

As this organization’s Founder & Chairman, Mr. Nazim Mohammed has always stressed on the importance of human capital development. He has navigated the organization through some of the toughest times safely to shores of professional security. Backed by his more than 4 decades of experience and tactical management, PetroGas Piping has flourished; and he hopes to go a step further in this pursuit this year. He believes that an organization’s success is deeply entwined with the progress of the employees, a vision which is very close to Mr. Nazim’s heart. While he also aims to scale-up our business globally, he will do so together with the entire workforce focusing on their development and dynamism in 2022.

Ever since its inception, PetroGas Piping has been the pioneer for bulk piping industry in terms of quality customer service, valuable project supply management and broad portfolio of products. As always, we remain committed in our quest to become the future of the bulk piping industry serving the interests of leading names in the hydrocarbons, power, shipbuilding, and utility industries. We have every intent to be number one not just in the region but the world. It may sound like a very big challenge, but with hard work, vision and will to succeed, this is very much possible.

Stirring this success wheel from forefront are Fuad Nazim, Vice President- Americas & APAC and Faiz Nazim, Vice President- EMEA & Asia.

Adept at business strategy and development, Fuad Nazim leads from the front to identify and work on business opportunities to make the vision of making the organization an industry leader and truly global. Leveraging his international academic training from Purdue University and professional experience in Management, he aims to redefine the success mantra for the organization in 2022. With exciting initiatives and activities in pipeline, there are targets and plans designed by our young leader ready to be launched in the coming months. Like our Chairman he too believes in working together with the team, honing their skills and providing a platform to all to avail equal opportunities.

Working towards this new era for PetroGas Piping is also Faiz Nazim. He has in-depth knowledge of various markets and understands how to maximize business opportunities. Backed by a degree from York University, in 2022 Faiz is set to augment the PetroGas Piping brand leveraging his skills in sales and strategy. He is set to orchestrate the new corporate strategy and lead the team in the new era of the organization and thereby redefine the industry story. With clear focus on the business targets, he will ramp-up the sales and in process mentor the workforce helping them rewrite their career path as well.

Making these business targets a reality and accelerating the organization growth is PetroGas Piping’s Group Commercial Director- Zakir Hussain. Backed by decades of experience, he has acute understanding of customer needs and can accurately identify the commercial opportunities attached to a certain customer, existing or potential. As we step-up in terms of our annual targets and goals, he will maneuver the detailed business plans aiming to further enhance the stature of the organization.

Each of the Management Leaders are now focused on achieving new milestones along with our dynamic workforce world over. With each bringing in unique experience to make the organization better and bigger in these coming months.

As we begin this journey, the Management would personally like to thank all our valued PetroGas Piping customers and partners, for their continuous support and dedication. We also would like to thank the team for all the hard work and incredible levels of enthusiasm ensuring that our customers and partners get the best from us.

Through all of your hard work and the good times we experienced in 2021, we’ve shown that PetroGas Piping is the place where we can make great things happen.

We all look forward to seeing what PetroGas Piping as one family will accomplish in 2022!