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26 December 2021


Dubai Expo 2020 is a window to the world and a cradle for the hitherto never seen breakthrough innovations, with each country bringing its best to the forefront. It is delightful and refreshing given the people world over are still recovering from the pandemic.

Three months into this truly trailblazing world fair, PetroGas Piping decided to treat the employee-family with a trip to this inspiring mega-event. This year’s Expo is special on account of several reasons. One it is being held in the Middle East for the first time; next, it is built on the ground which will be at the core of a new smart city of the future—District 2020 on the outskirts, South of Dubai. And lastly, the current Expo occupies an enormous area of 438 hectares/ 4.38 square kilometers hosting 192 nations with their freestanding pavilion along with special themed pavilions.

Early in December 2021, PetroGas Piping family members enjoyed the excursion to Dubai Expo 2020, participating in pavilions created thematically- Mobility, Sustainability, and Opportunity. In addition to the country pavilions, the team enjoyed the spectacular architecture, sophisticated exhibitions, special pavilions, few of the local culture, cuisine, technology, and creativity. Notably, the entire Expo is laid out in the form of a flower with the Al Wasl Plaza being the centerpiece, which means “the connection” in Arabic, and serves as the host to large-scale audio-visual performances.

In many ways, Expo 2020 Dubai, is not only a window to the world but is also the window to the future. It represents what the world can expect in terms of innovative technology in the coming years. As the businesses in UAE, especially we at PetroGas Piping now more and more align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, it is only a matter of taking one glance at the Expo and one will come to know that the future world will be green, sustainable, environment-friendly, iconic, with program-driven architecture infused with pioneering technology and art and culture. In short, the conceptual installations at the Expo not only demonstrate futuristic themes but also reflect and celebrate originality and diversity. After all the theme for Dubai Expo 2020 is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. This is particularly valuable as it offers a perfect escape at a time when the global travel for many is unthinkable.

Dubai Expo 2020 has brought the world to us, and we at the PetroGas Piping truly enjoyed this excursion. It was very engaging with the team sinking in the immersive voyage through time and space. It allowed the team to explore the interactions between people, goods, data, and most importantly ideas- ideas that shape the world; ideas that take us beyond time; and ideas that hold our future in their hands.