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25 October 2021


Steel pipes are long and hollow tubes which help transport hydrocarbon, water and utility products from one location to another. PetroGas Piping specializes in bulk piping manufacturing and does so  in two distinct ways, that is as a welded pipe or as seamless pipe. For both, raw steel is first cast into a more practical starting form (flat strip or hot billet); which is then stretched into a seamless pipe or forcing the steel strip edges together and later sealing them with a weld.

PetroGas Piping has an extensive range of welded steel pipe which includes but is not limited to ERW, EFW, SAW, GTAW pipes in carbon steel and stainless steel and duplex steels. The welded pipes are produced with raw material of plates or coils of various grades (for example Grade B, X42, X52, SS316, Duplex & Super Duplex grades). Thereafter these pipes are supplied depending on the sizes & wall thickness combination in form of LSAW, DSAW, spiral etc.

Welded steel pipe which are formed by rolling plate and welding the seam, are cost-effective pipes. They have tighter dimensional tolerance and less weight, as against seamless constructions in pipes. They enable conveyance of gas, vapor, water or other liquid in low and medium pressure ambient, such as water mains system, sewerage system, Oil and gas pipeline, fire protection service, etc.

These pipes are supplied in compliance to various end user technical specification such as SHELL, DEP Aramco, IOGP, NORSOK etc. Petrogas Piping ensures the requirements are clearly understood, right form the project design stage until the production stage. We also avail consultancy to our partners, suggesting customer solutions for various technical alternatives for cost effective solutions, while maintaining highest standards of the material requirements.

In addition, PetroGas Piping will also provide the required weld maps, welding procedures, welder qualifications and all the other records to the customers for their review and wherever required for approval.

To know more and purchase our product of month- welded pipes, across the globe,  kindly contact our sales managers here.